Dumpster pricing doesn’t have to be difficult! We made it as straight-forward as possible. We don’t expect you to be an expert in determining the correct size dumpster for your need. We place our 20 cubic yard roll-off and you use as much as you need.  No matter what your needs are – big or small – we can haul it.

Announcing our 4 Day “Weekend” 10% off schedule

Use it for less than four days–not just on the weekend–get 10% off**




For those who need to haul away about 2 pick-up truck loads.

(**not eligible for 10% discount – limited to 4 day use)




Instead of 6 trips to the dump in a regular sized pick-up, get it all gone with a metered dumpster.





We’ll take it all! That big job is no problem.


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Big Red Hauls can take care of your trash removal needs

No matter how big your project, Big Red Hauls can take care of your trash removal needs. Whether you’re doing a seasonal cleaning of your home or you have a large renovation project, we have the perfect services for you. Not only do we haul away materials, but you can rent a roll-off dumpster for larger projects that may take a few days.

For the smaller trash removal projects, we have dumpster rental starting around $220. This option is best for those concerned about throwing away abnormal furniture or items that may be harmful to the environment. This is a pretty standard size rental for most projects.

Save time and energy with the 15 cubic yard level metered dumpster. It doesn’t make sense to take multiple trips to the dump in your own vehicle. If you’re needing waste removal for residential or even commercial jobs, this may be the dumpster size you need. Do you have more trash than you were expecting? Then our large rental package may be the best fit for you. At $320, you will get our industrial 20 cubic yard dumpster, which is perfect for commercial level waste removal.
In addition to hauling and dumpster rental, we can deliver bulk materials to you and dump it on site. We pride ourselves in making waste removal easy and convenient, but there are items that we can’t haul away. Please refer to our FAQ page for an extended list on items we prohibit from hauling. We don’t cut corners with our services so you can have confidence that you’re working with the best trash removal agency.

Things We Haul!


We’ll take your old electronics and mine what we can out of them so less goes to the dump and more gets used in new products.


Yard Debris

Fill up a Big Red Hauls roll-off with tree branches, rocks and other yard debris and we’ll make sure it gets turned into mulch.


Appliances require special handling, so we’ll take care of making sure their pieces and parts are properly disposed of.

Get in touch with us today for responsible waste removal throughout Colorado Springs.