This probably the most stress causing question you may have. But, rest assured it is not as stressful as trying to determine what to dispose of first.

The short answer is: “I don’t know, either.” Needless to say that does not mean I don’t have answers for you. I have the best answer: pay for what you use. My boxes are “metered”. That is a fancy name for I have lines in them. One line is at six cubic yards another is at 15 cubic yards and the full can is 20 cubic yards.  So, 3 boxes in one. By the way, that makes my inventory control easier. I either have roll-offs available or I don’t. I don’t need to sort through 3 different sizes. I just look out my window.

So, how big is the roll-off, you may ask? My cans’ are a driveway friendly design. They are 14 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 feet tall. They will even fit in parking spot!! (Yes, I know if you multiply those measurements they are closer to 25 cubic yards, but let’s keep that just between us.)